Shannon Kelly leads a variety of public workshops, collaborating with many brilliant minds along the way. They each share the themes of living authentically, finding your voice and your purpose and your creativity, and connecting with others in a deep and lasting way. Shannon says she creates “circles of belonging that grow people.” Please click below for more information.

Fierce Magic Monthly

For less than the cost of your weekly Starbucks run, this monthly call with Shannon will help you stay grounded in your best self, connected to a community of like-minded others, and create from a resonant space that will support you with your big goals for 2019. Imagine getting to the end of this year triumphant, celebrating, and having taken the time to be conscious, assess, and lock in your learning and lessons each month.

Monthy on the last Wednesday of each month in 2019, beginning at 9am PT/12 pm Eastern.


Organizational Development

Shannon is available to custom-design a training experience to best meet the needs of your staff. Successful trainings she has designed and delivered include:

  • Coaching 101
  • Coaching Skills For Leaders
  • Your Value at Work
  • Your Power is In Your Perspective
  • Believe, Belong, Become

Shannon is also available to deliver the Bigger Game for Organizations and the Bigger Game for Teams.


The Poet’s Way

The Poet’s Way helps courageous individuals & organizations navigate & master complexities of life & business by applying the age-old practices of poets. Read more >>

Public Workshops

A personal, group event designed to help you discover what you really want out of life. Through a combination of presentation, videos, experiential exercises, and small group interactions, you’ll discover your true purpose and gain the tools to keep stretching, achieving and thriving more than you ever believed possible. Read more >>

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