Are you distraught, disgusted, enraged, or saddened by Trump’s election and actions?

Are you an activist and a seeker who is trying to reconcile your desire for peace, love, and justice with the intense emotions you are experiencing in reaction to this administration?

Are you willing to take a fierce and searching look within and use what is happening in our country and world as a catalyst for your personal growth?


Join me for Standing in the Shadow of Trump: Inner Work as Sublime Activism

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On November 8th 2016, many of us were thrust into emotional turmoil with the loss of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the election of Donald J. Trump.

Shock and genuine grieving followed; in the subsequent weeks and months since Trump’s election, however, the pure outpouring of emotion and inspired activism has devolved as the travesties mount.

We are largely now immersed in a reactive mix of resignation, fury, blame, self-righteous indignation, mockery, rage and hostility towards Trump, his administration and his voters.

While our outrage at the actions of the administration is understandable, it is not creating the change we are desiring; in fact, it is perpetuating our pain and polarization.

Join us!

As a lifelong liberal lefty born into a conservative family, one of the biggest challenges of my life has been learning how to “fight the power” productively.

I thought I was growing and maturing in this area, even co-leading a workshop with a right-wing colleague inviting dialogue between the Left and the Right in 2009.

It was easy to consider myself “evolved” during the Obama years; I now must humbly recognize that I have a long way to go. As I look around, I am not alone!

What if we as conscious seekers used this as a powerful opportunity to open, grow, and awaken?

What if we used this time to look within, to shine a light on our darkest shadow selves, to forgive, to integrate, and to heal?

We know that what is going on “out there” has a profound impact on us, physically, mentally, psychologically.

Now it is time to take responsibility for the depth to which what is going on “in here” affects and creates our experience and our world.

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How can we soften towards and build compassion for those parts of ourselves we dislike and disown and then for others who embody those qualities?

How can we open a newspaper and feel clean anger and a determination to work for change, rather than knee-jerk rage, blame, hopelessness and despair?

Standing in the Shadow of Trump: Inner Work as Sublime Activism

is a pioneering 5-week program that will create space to explore this rich territory with a tribe of other like-minded individuals.

The program includes:

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ª Weekly assignments to deepen your learning

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