What is The Bigger Game?

Bigger Game BoardRick Tamlyn co-created The Bigger Game in 2001 as a way to inspire executives, leaders, and individuals to get out of their comfort zones and invent the life they want.

The Bigger Game is a concept that will take you only nine minutes to understand, and a lifetime to play. It looks like a simple tic-tac-toe board, with descriptives such as “Gulp” and “Bold Action” attached to each square. The Bigger Game was designed with the premise that life itself is one big game. And if life is a game, then why not play one that excites, fulfills, and challenges you.

The Bigger Game offers a powerful roadmap to fulfillment. It can be used in so many ways – to discover where you are, or to nudge you into that next bold step in pursuit of your dreams. Because it is authentic, it is universally applicable. Leza Danly – Founder, Lucid Living, Novato, CA

The Bigger Game has caught the eye of Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, churches, groups, and individuals around the world. At its core, The Bigger Game helps people find their compelling purpose. It is an innovative model that guides you to create a set of circumstances that will intentionally design who you want to become. For more, see our Upcoming Events page.

BGLR 2012

Bigger Game Living Retreat: October 2014

The Bigger Game Living Retreat 2015 is four glorious days marinating in the Bigger Game philosophy and methodology. Shannon and Bigger Game founder Rick Tamlyn took the traditional Bigger Game 2-day workshop and expanded it to create a fun, deep and meaningful retreat experience.

Rick-Shannon-1The 2015 Bigger Game Living Retreat will be held at The next Bigger Game Living Retreat will be held October 22-25 at Silver Bay YMCA in upstate NY. Imagine being held and impacted by the beautiful surroundings of Lake George and the Adirondack mountains as they gently nudge you to express your true self and create your unique good work in our world.