Monday Mantra: I am the Narrator of my Life

You are writing the story of your life, every day, and you are the narrator. You get to decide if you are writing a tragedy or a comedy, a coming-of-age novel or a wild, thrilling adventure short story.

You are also the star, the protagonist in this first-person drama, and as you tell the tale, you create the tone, of woe or triumph, of divine connection or despair. Every time you recount a story or memory to another person, you get to cast your characters as hapless victims or heroes, big shots or big hearts, bullies or saints.

We all have default ways of telling our story. Today, notice yours. As you drive to work, make lunch, do your yoga practice, feed the dog, notice the stories you are telling about yourself, your life, your relationships. It may help to speak out loud and listen.

Speak your truth here about what you learn.

Mantra: I am the Narrator of my Life