Monday Mantra: I Am Summer

Summer is controversial. Summer lovers REALLY love summer. Summer haters burn with high-noon level intensity hatred.

Summer is hot, chaotic, wild, messy. Routines fall away, things get dirty. Too much wild abandon can leave a body depleted and a mind worried.

The extended days of summer, the UV rays of summers, the firecrackers, the traffic, the derailed diets, the bug bites, the last-minutes changes can be grimly tolerated or they can be embraced. You get to choose.

For those of us who love summer, it is a chance to connect more deeply with nature, to meld seamlessly with the rhythms of the wild. It is a chance to be sensual creatures, feeling bare feet in the grass, body in the ocean, smelling honeysuckle and campfire and fresh-cut grass perfumes.

It is a chance to rebel against our self-imposed structures and be of the moment. Summer is giddy freedom and fun, and wild abandon is enlivening. Long days create a sense of ease, a blurring of the immediacy and pressure of time passing.

Enjoy your precious summer days, and if you are a summer-hater, get curious about why, rather than reactive.

Mantra: I Am Summer