Mantra: I Am Perspective

One of the most fun and transformational parts of the work I do and teach is the power of shifting your perspective. All of life’s events can be seen as neutral “topics;” we create our felt experience of them in our minds with our thoughts and feelings about the topic.

“My job” could be the topic; the perspective might be “boring, life-sucking yuck” or “thrilling, soul-feeding, dreamy!”  Our perspective is one of the things that creates and shapes our reality.

Our thoughts and feelings are not entrenched or immutable; they can be shifted in a matter of seconds through use of the body and the so-called “right brain.” As you become more aware of being in a perspective at all times, you can catch yourself and consciously choose to explore other ways of looking at your topic.

Look to your own life. Where are you spinning a perspective that is bigger, scarier, more dramatic, or more life-diminishing than it needs to be?

What happens when you release the perspective and choose a new way of looking at your topic?

Mantra: I Am Perspective