Monday Mantra: I Am Kindness
Kindness isn’t sexy, flashy, or stylish. In a culture where edginess, snark, sarcasm, and irony abound, true kindness is often met with disbelief. What’s the punchline? What do you want from me? Is this person for real?
Kindness is the gentle melding of earnestness, compassion, patience, generosity and love. Its giver overflows with warmth at its transmission, and its receiver feels touched by grace. Kindness is quiet and sacred. It leaves beauty in its wake.
Kindness challenges the giver to set down the ego’s desire for an equal exchange. True kindness comes from a place within untouched by greed or desire. There is a moment of pure selflessness.
Inevitably, following an act of kindness, the mind of the giver springs into action. “I am so kind!” or “I hope that person appreciates that!” or “I hope someone notices how kind I am!”
This is what the mind does-there is no changing that. We often then negate our act of kindness by being cruel and ruthless to ourselves. This ego chatter is yet another opportunity to be kind—this time, to ourselves. This the perfect opportunity for deep kindness that transforms.
Today, be unfailingly kind, to others, but first, to self. You deserve this exquisite soul-balm.
Mantra: I Am Kindness