Monday Mantra: I Am Fire

Fire is sacred energy. Fire destroys and fire feeds. It is mesmerizing and terrifying and necessary.

Where is your inner fire right now? Are you full of ashes and embers or are you raging, leaping billowing flames?

Can you stoke your inner fire to burn up ennui and negativity, to empower and uplift and energize you for the week ahead?

The manipura chakra (navel chakra) is the seat of the fire element in our bodies. Work your abdominals and then lie on your back, imagining the fire in the belly brightening.

Let your fierce and fearless inner fire flame high today. Light a candle and be with its magic to symbolize the light and heat within you.

Destroy the dead wood in your life with no regrets, releasing its energy into a new form.

Mantra: I Am Fire