One of the thing I love most about the work I do (coaching, training, therapy) is that it requires tremendous range. Each client, each session, each course, each moment requires something different from me, and I must be fully open, awake, present, and flexible. There is no one-size-fits-all possible in the work of digging deep with human beings, of being in the space of the now with other.

It is the best use of someone like me, good at a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a dabbler, a dilettante. One very generous descriptor I read recently is “multi-passionate person.”

Range, as I am describing it, requires some fluidity of personality. The ability to read what is needed and deliver it. To be what is needed for the sake of other, while still being truthful and authentic.

It is complex and it is no accident that the coaching profession was created by actors. Range is critical in acting if one wants to play different types of roles. Meryl Streep is the ultimate paragon of range; John Wayne, on the other hand, while deeply beloved, did not have range.

Where are you with regards to your range? Where do you need to stretch?

Mantra: I Am Range

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