What is integrity? Words such as “strong,” “honest,” “decent,” “true” come to mind. And within integrity is GRIT. Integrity denotes courage and resolve, a willingness to see something through despite the inevitable challenges, or changes of season, or invitations to do something else instead.

I know that I personally struggle at times with my integrity. My word is not always set in stone; sometimes it is loose and flabby and easy-come, easy-go. This is particularly true around personal goals, self-improvement plans, and any sort of personal behavior modification. The first thing to go for me is always my morning meditation practice; the first place I slide is always back to zoning out on the internet.

Integrity is also challenging for me when it comes to hard conversations. Sometimes I sit on my anger, hurt, or discontent for the sake of not hurting feelings or suffering consequences. There is one of these fierce conversations that need to happen in my life right now. It will happen within the week. I must have the courage and faith to clear the space of the relationship and the knowing that standing in my loving truth is the only place I belong.

Where are you out of integrity? Be bold and gritty and speak the truth here.