You Are Wonder

For me, there is nothing more delightful and wondrous than those freeing, magical moments when it is clear that everything in life is unfolding perfectly. Those times when it sinks in that there is nothing to fear because just as flowers don’t have to struggle to grow, there is nothing to do in life most times but get out of the way.

I had a day once with a few friends where we set an intention: “Co-Activity (working together synergistically), intuition, and wide-eyed wonder will create miracles.” We wanted to see what living into this as a foursome would produce.

What followed was one of the greatest days of my life, filled with unbelievable coincidence, magic, mystery, and joy. As I reflect back on the awe we felt as the day showed us the power of our intention, I wonder why it is so easy to forget my wide-eyed wonder in what I assume is the mundane of the everyday.

I am currently listening to the Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer on audiobook. His life has been a series of wondrous miracles since 40 years ago, when he vowed to say “yes” to all that life offered and to trust the flow of life, not his own desires or preferences. What has unfolded for him is nothing short of jaw-dropping. As every chapter passes, I get both more excited and more still. What would it mean to live in complete surrender to the flow of life?

Today, cultivate wide-eyed wonder. Open your heart, open your eyes. Be new.