We all start the New Year with the best of intentions. Most of us then wake up at some point and ask, “Where did this day/month/year go?”

This year, give yourself the support you need to stay on track. Your goals, desires, and visions matter and require attention, dedication, vigilance, and a big dose of magic, fun, hope and trust.

This lighthearted and practical monthly call will help you stay grounded in your best self, connected to a community of like-minded others, and creating from a resonant space that will support you with your big goals for 2019. Imagine getting to the end of this year triumphant, celebrating, and having taken the time to be conscious, assess, and lock in your learning and lessons each month.

This is a fun, friendly, and affordable way to stay on track with your dreams and aspirations.

Join us on the last Wednesday of each month in 2019, beginning at 9am PT/12 pm ET.

For less than the cost of your weekly Starbucks run, get the energy and focus you need to support yourself through the inevitable ups and downs of work and life.

Each 90-minute Zoom call will include:

  • Prompts to reflect on the lessons of the past month and let go of what’s not working
  • A visualization to create connection and open creativity
  • Time to work virtually – each person can work on what matters to them in our high-resonance virtual coffeehouse in the “company” of the other participants. One person might choose to plan their calendar for the month ahead, someone else might do their billing, someone else might get back on track with their meditation practice. You decide what makes sense for you.
  • Shared learnings in pairs or in the large group.

There is nothing to prepare for this call – show up where you are, with self-compassion and a willingness to take a look, celebrate, and course correct.

There will be a Facebook group with weekly prompts and encouragement to keep you awake and engaged with your work and your life.

12 sessions for $297; a la carte options are available.

Send your questions to shannonkellycoaching@gmail.com.

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Shannon Kelly, MSW, PCC, CPCC brings authenticity, love, and courage to the circles of belonging she creates as a coach, trainer, and designer and leader of personal and professional growth seminars. She helps people be more creatively and spiritually fulfilled; bold, alive, and awake; and at peace with themselves and their lives. Shannon utilizes fierce, loving, personalized approach, and is committed to evoking transformation in individuals, groups, and organizations.