Leadership Reunion: For the Sake of What?

Why reconnect as a tribe? That was a question that my tribe, the Bees, asked ourselves many times as we muddled through the planning process of our R5 in 2010. What we arrived at was this: while the formal learning of the Co-Active Leadership experience was complete, we were all still reverberating, growing, learning from the program. There was so much richness in our shared experiences and common language. There was something unique that we brought to one another: we had already seen one another’s highs and lows; we had witnessed and fostered one another’s growth, we were already deep in relationship. We knew we could start deep and go deeper.

As we talked, we realized that most importantly, we were not done wanting for one another; we were not done growing one another; we were not done connecting and co-creating.

We agreed that it was not enough to simply come together and be social, nor did we want to learn an entirely new model of leadership at our R5. Rather, we wanted to expand upon and deepen our understanding of the Co-Active Leadership Model and some key Leadership takeaways: Full Permission/Responsibility for Impact, Creating from Self, Other, Nothing, and Everything, Stake, L4 listening, and Stay, in new and inspiring and playful ways.

Our R5 was delightful; so delightful, in fact, that we realized that there was a group of us for whom an annual event was inevitable.

This is not to be underestimated. This annual(ish) deep dive has been responsible for further breakthroughs, learning, and rejuvenation for the participants. The love and learning continues.

What can you expect?

I have designed a 2-4 day, experiential retreat that touches on and expands upon elements of Leadership learning; it also includes opportunities to co-lead and practice skills. I have successfully led a version of this for many tribes, including the Air Dragons, the Birch, the Seals, the Crocodiles, and the Cardinals.

R5 -4 While I have a proven and formal retreat outline with stakes for each experiential activity and debrief, a designed arc, and planned activities, I promise to co-create an experience with you that is both carefully crafted AND throws out the map when necessary for the sake of what needs to happen in the moment.

I will use the input of the your tribe’s retreat committee and utilize their feedback, their stake, and their desired outcomes in my design.

I will be: authentic, transparent, playful, reverent, serious, silly, warm, tough, leaderly, vulnerable. I will tell on myself. I will create learning. I will “fly above” in the moment and help you understand when competing urges happen and a leader decision has to be made, for example, or where I have to throw the timeline out for the sake of the Level 3 and what is here NOW. I will lean into my intuition and my knowledge and my range for the sake of your growth. There will be dancing and breathing, nature and nurture.

It is my intention that by the end of our few days together, you will feel more connected with your tribemates, more steeped in and with a deeper understanding of the L4 Leadership Model, more clear about your compelling purpose/Quest in the world, and feel that you are supported, refreshed, and ready for action.

Here’s what other Leaders have said about their R5 experience with Shannon:

“OMG, just came back from the Birch Tribe R5. It was AMAZING! Lots of transformation, learning, love, celebration. It was held at Bend of Ivy (I was shocked to learn we were the first ones to have an R5 at BOI. was awesome doing that. And, it was led by Shannon Kelly – OMG she was beyond amazing. She blew us all away. She held the container so we didn’t have to, created a timeline, was flexible with it based on what unfolded, kept giving us transparency of what she was doing and why throughout which was GREAT learning in addition to the actual content, which related to the L4 model. If you have not had your R5 and want an outstanding weekend, you should hire Shannon. This is a no-brainer decision. It was INCREDIBLE. I have no idea how we will top this at R6.”—Debby Rauch Lissaur

‘It was an amazing 2 1/2 days filled with love, growth, connection, respect. Impeccable leadership throughout.” Sandra Olper

“Shannon was brilliant..of course. It was so nice to be held so fiercely so we could connect and not worry about the particles. It was 150% co-actively created. I believe Shannon has a new quest…R5s!…and it perfectly suits your gift and leadership.” Tammy Bush Hibler

“As one of the organizers of our R5 I loved working with Shannon Kelly up front. She brought co-activity to the planning at every step. She modeled creating and holding the stake. We had enough of an idea what was coming to trust her to hold it, AND, we could still be in the surprise and unfolding of the program. There were pieces (and some surprises) that members of the tribe created and it all blended perfectly.” Barb Korosec