Monday Mantra: You Are Epiphany

Monday Mantra: You Are Epiphany

Today, allow an “aha!” moment to find you. If there is something in your life that is feeling murky or complicated or confounding, offer it up to the universe with love and blessings and set down struggling to figure it out.

Trust that you will have a glorious insight or quiet answer by day’s end when you open to intuition and curiousity.

Mantra: I Am Epiphany


Safety is a Choice

Paradox alert! Safety is an illusion, an absolute truth, out of our hands, and a choice.

Safety is illusion because our human bodies, our human condition, our current flesh suits are as fleeting as high fashion. We will all die, some of us painfully. We will all suffer at various points through our lives, sometimes from circumstances outside our control but mostly from the machinations of our own minds.

Safety is absolute truth because once you make peace with this fact, a sort of calm resignation envelops you. I will die, and it might be painful. Suffering is inevitable. Oh. Well, […]

Monday Mantra: I am Yes

Monday Mantra: I Am Yes


Today, be the Unconditional Yes to life described by David Richo in his fabulous books.


Not a big loud, hootin’ and hollering’ YEEESSSSS! A serene, open, friendly, curious, gentle Yes to everything that arises.


Let all resistance to what is drain from your body. Say “yes” without understanding or hopes of what might happen.


You will be astonished when you do this at how practiced you are at saying “no” in multiple subtle and overt ways, and what a shift it is to open to Unconditional Yes.


Mantra: I Am Yes

Monday Mantra: I Am a Job Well Done

Monday Mantra: I Am a Job Well Done

Think of a time when you created and completed something great. When you poured your energy, your time, your focused attention, your love, your hope into something.

Maybe it was a huge collaborative effort with a giant reward. Maybe it was an internal triumph of character that you saw through to its resolution.

After it was completed, you smoked the proverbial (or literal!) cigars and drank the scotch of celebration and satisfaction. You reveled in the joy of hard work coming to resolution.

Or did you? Sometimes, sadly, we skip that crucial moment in time […]

It’s New Years Eve

Today is a day to reflect, remember, and celebrate. Moment by moment, lesson by lesson, sift through and call forth the learnings and yearnings, the failures and triumphs, the darkness and sweetness and richness of the past calendar year.

Honor the new you, forever changed and imprinted by this cycle of four seasons. What do you most want to remember? How will you celebrate, contemplate, and seal in this remembering?

Friday Practice: Compassion

Friday Practice: Compassion

The antidote to judgement is compassion, and compassion starts with self. If you are reading this, I have no doubt that you extend compassion to the majority of the people with whom you interact. How loving, kind, and accepting are you to you? How often do you let your heart open and break a little when you confront your own humanity?

Take some time to close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Imagine compassion as a beautiful healing light radiating from your chest. This light relaxes and releases any judgement, self-criticism, or tension from your body. Imagine yourself engulfed […]

Monday Mantra: I am Allowing

Allowing is non-resistance. Non-doing. It may even be more gentle and less active than receiving.

Today is about allowing. When you feel your mind and body gearing up, steeling itself, thinking too much or saying, “no,” allow what Is to penetrate instead.

In particular, allow all emotions to emerge, crest and move through you today.

Mantra: I Am Allowing

Knowing Your Range, Growing Your Range

One of the thing I love most about the work I do (coaching, training, therapy) is that it requires tremendous range. Each client, each session, each course, each moment requires something different from me, and I must be fully open, awake, present, and flexible. There is no one-size-fits-all possible in the work of digging deep with human beings, of being in the space of the now with other.

It is the best use of someone like me, good at a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a dabbler, a dilettante. One very generous descriptor I read […]

Begin with Failure

Several times a year, I teach a course called Fundamentals, the first of five 3-day, in-person, experiential workshops that train participants in the method and model known as Co-Active Coaching.

Coaching is a particular way of communicating that involves deep listening, asking questions, lots of curiosity, and other skills that most people believe should come naturally and easily. However, for the majority of people coming through the door, they don’t. They are high-level, complex skills that must be learned and practiced and practiced some more.

By the middle of day 2, there is inevitably some frustration, some self-judgement, some despair from […]