Monday Mantra: I Am Kindness

Monday Mantra: I Am Kindness


Kindness isn’t sexy, flashy, or stylish. In a culture where edginess, snark, sarcasm, and irony abound, true kindness is often met with disbelief. What’s the punchline? What do you want from me? Is this person for real?


Kindness is the gentle melding of earnestness, compassion, patience, generosity and love. Its giver overflows with warmth at its transmission, and its receiver feels touched by grace. Kindness is quiet and sacred. It leaves beauty in its wake.


Kindness challenges the giver to set down the ego’s desire for an equal exchange. True kindness comes from a place within untouched […]

Monday Mantra: I Am Enthusiasm

Monday Mantra: I Am Enthusiasm

Is there anything more exhilarating than wild, naked, unfettered enthusiasm?

Children are naturally enthusiastic. At some point in adolescence, enthusiasm becomes too vulnerable, too raw, too embarrassingly uncool. It does not go unpunished, particularly when it is for things or people outside the narrow realm of what is deemed acceptable.

Close your eyes for a second and call forth something for which you feel total enthusiasm and passion. Let yourself have the full experience of the thrill and joy that this thing engenders.

Where are you tamping down your natural enthusiasm and exuberance? Can you take the lid […]

Friday Practice: You Are Distracted

Friday Practice: You Are Distracted

Raise your hand if you have more than 4 tabs open in your computer browser, are reading more than one book right now, and sometimes spend an entire day moving from task to task to task so that you end your work time with the same items on your to-do list for several days at a time.

This is one of the parts of me I make wrong and resist. It is something to overcome, or change. I long for laser-like focus, clearly defined rules that I will actually follow, order versus chaos.

It is time for […]

Monday Mantra: I Am Revolutionary

Monday Mantra: I Am A Revolutionary

There are times when a simple and genial “principled stand” won’t do. Today is the day to turn over the tables, whip up your supporters, and start a revolution.

There are urges that you have sat on, times you’ve kept your mouth shut to keep the peace, areas where you “make nice to get along.”

It is deeply uncomfortable, even frightening to be a revolutionary. Today is the day to stand tall and raise your voice for the sake of what matters most to you.

Mantra: I Am A Revolutionary

Friday Practice: I Am Yes

Friday Practice: I Am Yes

Today, be the Unconditional Yes to life described by David Richo in his fabulous books.

Not a big loud, hootin’ and hollering’ YEEESSSSS! A serene, open, friendly, curious, gentle Yes to everything that arises.

Let all resistance to what is drain from your body. Say “yes” without understanding or hopes of what might happen.

You will be astonished when you do this at how practiced you are at saying “no” in multiple subtle and overt ways, and what a shift it is to open to Unconditional Yes.

Try this Mantra: I Am Yes


Monday Mantra: I Am Allowing

Monday Mantra: I Am Allowing

Allowing is non-resistance. Non-doing. It may even be more gentle and less active than receiving.

Today is about allowing. When you feel your mind and body gearing up, steeling itself, thinking too much or saying, “no,” allow what is to penetrate instead.

In particular, allow all emotions to emerge, crest and move through you today.

I Am Allowing

You Are Presence

Behind the relentless commentary of our mind, which sounds something like “me mine not mine I want I can’t have I love I hate I can’t I won’t I wish I hope someday I will I wish I had he did she shouldn’t,” and rarely pauses to take a breath, there is consciousness, awareness, presence.

If you can catch yourself telling the “saga of you,” there is a chance for an opening to presence.

Presence is what sees you doing what you are doing. Presence is free from mind. Presence has no story and sees that the story, the story-teller, all […]

You, At War

Sometimes, Presence is easily dropped into and relaxation and equanimity are accessible. It is easy to see through the illusion of the world.

Other times, thoughts of being done wrong or blame or elaborate stories of what might happen when I confront so-and-so are so vivid and real. It only takes a perceived slight or a touch on an old wound by another person and our minds will declare WAR.

Some wars rage on for years, fueled by old stories of hurt, disappointment, keeping score in relationships, expectations unmet, beliefs in the way things should be.

So how to stop the internal […]

Friday Practice: You Are Slow

Friday Practice: You are Slow

There is a frantic pace in the world today that is at odds with what is truly needed. The air is charged and we charge ahead and charge our devices and charge our credit cards and right now everything feels overcharged and overloaded.

Today, cut your pace. Feel your seat on your chair. Be the space. Breathe your breath. Be deliberate in your movements, and conserve your energy. There are so many reasons to rush today, and many, many more reasons to slow down.