Monday Mantra: I Am Allowing

Monday Mantra: I Am Allowing

Allowing is non-resistance. Non-doing. It may even be more gentle and less active than receiving.

Today is about allowing. When you feel your mind and body gearing up, steeling itself, thinking too much or saying, “no,” allow what is to penetrate instead.

In particular, allow all emotions to emerge, crest and move through you today.

I Am Allowing

You Are Presence

Behind the relentless commentary of our mind, which sounds something like “me mine not mine I want I can’t have I love I hate I can’t I won’t I wish I hope someday I will I wish I had he did she shouldn’t,” and rarely pauses to take a breath, there is consciousness, awareness, presence.

If you can catch yourself telling the “saga of you,” there is a chance for an opening to presence.

Presence is what sees you doing what you are doing. Presence is free from mind. Presence has no story and sees that the story, the story-teller, all […]

You, At War

Sometimes, Presence is easily dropped into and relaxation and equanimity are accessible. It is easy to see through the illusion of the world.

Other times, thoughts of being done wrong or blame or elaborate stories of what might happen when I confront so-and-so are so vivid and real. It only takes a perceived slight or a touch on an old wound by another person and our minds will declare WAR.

Some wars rage on for years, fueled by old stories of hurt, disappointment, keeping score in relationships, expectations unmet, beliefs in the way things should be.

So how to stop the internal […]

Friday Practice: You Are Slow

Friday Practice: You are Slow

There is a frantic pace in the world today that is at odds with what is truly needed. The air is charged and we charge ahead and charge our devices and charge our credit cards and right now everything feels overcharged and overloaded.

Today, cut your pace. Feel your seat on your chair. Be the space. Breathe your breath. Be deliberate in your movements, and conserve your energy. There are so many reasons to rush today, and many, many more reasons to slow down.

The Shadows of Risk

What is your relationship to risk? When we engage in risk the potential consequences are greater than the potential rewards, although the rewards may be incredible.

Some people are fine with the bodily kind, and take flight in extreme sports or take on dangerous altitudes and weather conditions. Others wouldn’t climb a ladder but sit at the head of the proverbial or literal high rollers table with finances.

Driving after a couple of martinis or while participating in a text argument, having an affair, telling a lie, slander, shoplifting or worse—risk is always an element of shadow behavior. There is a […]

Be Here Now

This weekend, I was overjoyed to both have a 50-degrees-in-February morning free and some new recorded content from a teleclass to listen to as I set out for a 6-mile walk. 2 miles through the city, 2 miles around Fresh Pond, and 2 miles back.
The first two miles out I was mildly preoccupied with whether I had left enough time to get back and prepare for a phone call. I had, but my mind continued to come in and question. I could feel a sheen of anxiety coating the physical experience of walking and the mental receiving of my […]

Friday Practice: Organization

Where will you spend most of your time this weekend? Take time to organize your space before you settle in for your day’s work or play. This could be as simple as shredding some mail and dusting your keyboard all the way to a full-scale deep houseclean.

If the idea of this fills you with dread (takes one to know one ;), be very mindful of the stories your mind is making up, and reward and praise yourself at every step. If your space is already organized, notice where you can add beauty in the form of color, texture, sound or […]

My Journey to Belonging

Belonging is a universal human need. Once basic physiology and safety needs are met, belonging is paramount to human beings.

Some of us spend our whole lives looking for belonging outside of ourselves: in family, school, work, friends, and various social groups. This struggle can be the source of incredible pain and shame.

When I was 8, I was considered and called a “reject.” When we moved to North Carolina in December of 1980, after my father retired from the military, I had entered an unfortunate phase of thick glasses, snaggle teeth, chubby body, and plodding affect from the […]

Monday Mantra: I am Humility

Monday Mantra: You Are Humility

True humility is a complex and potent virtue. In some traditions, humility is seen as recognizing and bowing to the God-self, the Higher self, the enlightened self within.

From an egoic and simplistic place, humility can feel subservient, obsequious, self-serving.

C.S. Lewis made this distinction: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

Leza Danly says that humility is the “willingness to be changed.” To allow for the possibility that things will not be as they have always been.

In humility, there lives a freshness, an openness, a trust in the unseen and a knowing […]