Monday Mantra: I Am Fire

Monday Mantra: I Am Fire

Fire is sacred energy. Fire destroys and fire feeds. It is mesmerizing and terrifying and necessary.

Where is your inner fire right now? Are you full of ashes and embers or are you raging, leaping billowing flames?

Can you stoke your inner fire to burn up ennui and negativity, to empower and uplift and energize you for the week ahead?

The manipura chakra (navel chakra) is the seat of the fire element in our bodies. Work your abdominals and then lie on your back, imagining the fire in the belly brightening.

Let your fierce and fearless inner fire flame […]

Monday Mantra: I Am Summer

Monday Mantra: I Am Summer

Summer is controversial. Summer lovers REALLY love summer. Summer haters burn with high-noon level intensity hatred.

Summer is hot, chaotic, wild, messy. Routines fall away, things get dirty. Too much wild abandon can leave a body depleted and a mind worried.

The extended days of summer, the UV rays of summers, the firecrackers, the traffic, the derailed diets, the bug bites, the last-minutes changes can be grimly tolerated or they can be embraced. You get to choose.

For those of us who love summer, it is a chance to connect more deeply with nature, to meld seamlessly with […]

Friday Practice: You Are the Eye of the Storm

You Are the Eye of the Storm


As life whirls and crashes around you, as politicians posture and news tickers spew out endless reports of death death death, and the pain of the world seems too much to bear, and life pressure reaches a fever pitch, STOP. Breathe. You are the Eye of the Storm. In the midst of chaos and destruction, there is an unshakeable calm in the very core of you. This weekend, trust this space and embrace this patient, watchful, open energy.

Monday Mantra: I am the Breath of Life

Monday Mantra: I Am the Breath of Life


Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life? ~Mary Oliver


Pranayama, or the yogic practice of controlling the breath, energizes you, calms you down, and gets into deep places in your psyche to release and resolve what feels stuck. It clears your mind and taps into your essence. Pantanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras, said, and I paraphrase, “When you control your breath, you control your mind. When you control your mind, you control your life.” There is nothing more basic or more profound in your self-care and […]

Friday Practice: You are Silly

Friday Practice: You are Silly

Being silly is joyful and very vulnerable, at least while in the company of adults.

Being silly means risking a raised eyebrow or rolled eyes or a smirky lip curl or being thought of as childish or shallow.

But being silly is very, very fun. It is usually accompanied by uncontrollable giggling and maybe some spontaneous body wiggles. The smiles from silliness are of the crinkly-eye variety and last a long time.

Have some silly fun today.

Friday Practice: You Are Bountiful

Friday Practice: You Are Bountiful

Bountiful’s synonyms are: ample, abundant, inexhaustible, magnanimous, lavish.

Let yourself relax into the feelings those words engender, and feel into the reality that at your best, you are bountiful.

The love that you are will never run out and does not need to be conserved.

Your true self is unfettered by fear, grasping, need, hoarding, or “mine.”

Find the best of you, the bountiful you, this weekend. Rest and express your inexhaustible love.

Monday Mantra: I Am Devotion

Mantra: I Am Devotion

Devotion at its best is selfless service to a higher cause, whether that be one’s own awakening, or alleviating human suffering, or creating more love in the world.

At times we find ourselves devoted to more ego-driven pursuits. There is nothing inherently wrong with this-it is part of being human. But it is good to notice, examine, and choose. What has my attention? Where do I spend my time? What do I do unfailingly, every day? To what end?

To whom or what are you devoted?

Mantra: I Am Devotion


What is integrity? Words such as “strong,” “honest,” “decent,” “true” come to mind. And within integrity is GRIT. Integrity denotes courage and resolve, a willingness to see something through despite the inevitable challenges, or changes of season, or invitations to do something else instead.

I know that I personally struggle at times with my integrity. My word is not always set in stone; sometimes it is loose and flabby and easy-come, easy-go. This is particularly true around personal goals, self-improvement plans, and any sort of personal behavior modification. The first thing to go for me is always my morning meditation […]

Monday Mantra: I am Receptive

Monday Mantra: I am Receptive

We spend so much of our time focused on output. Doing, giving, striving, proving, working.

We expend so much energy on output, that we fail to receive. We don’t even fully receive what is already ours.

Receptivity is a divine, profoundly feminine quality. We believe that we are safer when we brace ourselves, or control the flow, or block receptivity and give instead.

Today, notice where you are blocked, or where you are putting a lot out without relaxing and receiving in return.

Relax and receive. Relax, and receive.

Mantra: I Am Receptive