Monday Mantra: You are Anticipation

Monday Mantra: You Are Anticipation

For those of us who were taught as little ones that Santa Claus would sneak into our house and leave toys while we slept on Christmas eve, it was historically a riotous, unbearably delicious and sugar-fueled experience of unfettered desire and anticipation.

It was so enlivening! So joyful.

As I have gotten older I view longing and anticipation as more of a drag, or proof of my spiritual immaturity and inability to be in the moment. There is still a part of me that thinks that resolution is better than anticipation; that any state is better than […]

Monday Mantra: I am Allowing

Allowing is non-resistance. Non-doing. It may even be more gentle and less active than receiving.

Today is about allowing. When you feel your mind and body gearing up, steeling itself, thinking too much or saying, “no,” allow what Is to penetrate instead.

In particular, allow all emotions to emerge, crest and move through you today.

Mantra: I Am Allowing