23 09, 2019

The love is always here.

On my way out of Pharmaca the other day, I saw a pile of jigsaw puzzles for 50% off that stopped me in my tracks.

Wooed by the smiling sloths, and despite the fact that the last time I did a puzzle was as a grouchy, eye-rolling teenager at a pastel Myrtle Beach high-rise rental with my family in 1989, I bought one.

As I settled into the task, a flood of memories arose. Once a year, my father and I would tackle a puzzle like this one together on those weeklong vacation trips to the beach. The coffee table in […]

10 12, 2018

Monday Mantra: I Am Perspective

Mantra: I Am Perspective

One of the most fun and transformational parts of the work I do and teach is the power of shifting your perspective. All of life’s events can be seen as neutral “topics;” we create our felt experience of them in our minds with our thoughts and feelings about the topic.

“My job” could be the topic; the perspective might be “boring, life-sucking yuck” or “thrilling, soul-feeding, dreamy!”  Our perspective is one of the things that creates and shapes our reality.

Our thoughts and feelings are not entrenched or immutable; they can be shifted in a matter of seconds […]

28 07, 2018

Friday Practice: I Am Awareness

Friday Practice: I Am Awareness

“The ultimate value of life depends on awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival”~Aristotle

Acknowledge and feel gratitude, joy, celebration, thrill, enthusiasm for the places where you feel fulfilled, abundant, complete.

Notice the emotions that arise in the areas where you long for more, or different, or “better.” Allow yourself to feel sadness, remorse, disappointment, deep hunger or yearning, or whatever you feel about those parts of your life fully and without censorship.

Notice when this moves from true, resonant emotion to the dissonant voice of the Saboteur (Inner Critic), and gently and without […]

23 07, 2018

Monday Mantra:

Monday Mantra: I Am A Visionary

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.~Robert Jarvik

A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our higher selves, a call to become something more.~Rosabeth Moss Canter

Today is a day to use all your senses, and in particular your so-called “sixth sense,” intuition, to stoke your vision for yourself. It is time to trust your gut and your heart, and see clearly what is in store for you in your future.

Today, close your eyes and ask […]

9 07, 2018

Monday Mantra: I Am A Revolutionary

Monday Mantra: I Am A Revolutionary

There are times when a simple and genial “principled stand” won’t do. Today is the day to turn over the tables, whip up your supporters, and start a revolution.

There are urges that you have sat on, times you’ve kept your mouth shut to keep the peace, areas where you “make nice to get along.”

It is deeply uncomfortable, even frightening to be a revolutionary. Today is the day to stand tall and raise your voice for the sake of what matters most to you.

Mantra: I Am A Revolutionary

29 06, 2018

Friday Practice: You are Wonder

You Are Wonder

For me, there is nothing more delightful and wondrous than those freeing, magical moments when it is clear that everything in life is unfolding perfectly. Those times when it sinks in that there is nothing to fear because just as flowers don’t have to struggle to grow, there is nothing to do in life most times but get out of the way.

I had a day once with a few friends where we set an intention: “Co-Activity (working together synergistically), intuition, and wide-eyed wonder will create miracles.” We wanted to see what living into this as a foursome […]

18 06, 2018

Monday Mantra: I Am Fire

Monday Mantra: I Am Fire

Fire is sacred energy. Fire destroys and fire feeds. It is mesmerizing and terrifying and necessary.

Where is your inner fire right now? Are you full of ashes and embers or are you raging, leaping billowing flames?

Can you stoke your inner fire to burn up ennui and negativity, to empower and uplift and energize you for the week ahead?

The manipura chakra (navel chakra) is the seat of the fire element in our bodies. Work your abdominals and then lie on your back, imagining the fire in the belly brightening.

Let your fierce and fearless inner fire flame […]

11 06, 2018

Monday Mantra: I Am Summer

Monday Mantra: I Am Summer

Summer is controversial. Summer lovers REALLY love summer. Summer haters burn with high-noon level intensity hatred.

Summer is hot, chaotic, wild, messy. Routines fall away, things get dirty. Too much wild abandon can leave a body depleted and a mind worried.

The extended days of summer, the UV rays of summers, the firecrackers, the traffic, the derailed diets, the bug bites, the last-minutes changes can be grimly tolerated or they can be embraced. You get to choose.

For those of us who love summer, it is a chance to connect more deeply with nature, to meld seamlessly with […]

8 06, 2018

Friday Practice: You Are the Eye of the Storm

You Are the Eye of the Storm


As life whirls and crashes around you, as politicians posture and news tickers spew out endless reports of death death death, and the pain of the world seems too much to bear, and life pressure reaches a fever pitch, STOP. Breathe. You are the Eye of the Storm. In the midst of chaos and destruction, there is an unshakeable calm in the very core of you. This weekend, trust this space and embrace this patient, watchful, open energy.